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Monday, January 4, 2010

First of course

I have always wanted to have a food blog. Quite simply I am passionate about food. I spend a lot of time talking about food with my friends, most of whom are either also enthusiastic cooks or are enthusiastic diners. Blogging may well be one of the most self indulgent things I have ever done but then I will indulge in a fillet on truffle cream, topped with a foiegras and thyme butter crust and garnished with red caviar. A memorably good meal at Thomas Maxwell Bistro, Parkmore. I like indulgence of any kind.

The decision was finally made when I went out for cocktails with friends on New Year's Eve to RiCH Grill, Bedford Centre, and I was served the most unpleasant Kir Royal ever poured. It was made with JC Le Roux La Fleurette Rosé and 50ml of cherry liqueur. It tasted like Ribena. I told the barman that it was too sweet and was annoyed at his response that the restaurant had changed this classic cocktail to suit its patrons who preferred a sweeter drink. He added some soda in an attempt to tone it down. I kid you not! He then replaced it with a marginally less sweet drink. Classics should not be changed. Ever. This drink has been poured and enjoyed in good establishments since the early 20th Century.

So for the benefit of the very pleasant but knowledge impaired barman the classic Kir Royal is a brut Champagne with crème de cassis

The classic recipe (courtesy of the International Bartender Association) is:

Kir Royal
Pre dinner (flute glass)
9.0 cl Champagne
1.0 cl crème de cassis
Pour crème de cassis into flute glass, top up with Champagne.

And for more classic cocktails go to:

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