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Monday, March 5, 2012

Trudon Intranet Blog 14Apr2009

Bambelela - By Sue-Ann Grant
Tuesday, April 14th, 2009
My first Sales Managers Conference at the beginning of this month concluded with me joining a few of our managers on the roller coaster rides. They were pretty fierce. As were the rides! Included in, but not limited to, this brave little group were, Lettie Shakihira, Lyronne Burgess, Bradley Stevens, Colin Bullock and Primrose Kapa, who hopped on the thrilling Golden Loop, which travels from 0 - 100 k’s in 3 seconds, and the awesome Anaconda, Africa’s biggest and most exciting inverted roller coaster, suspended in mid air with feet dangling, flicked up at 90 degree angles, and then whoooooosh the sky’s the limit. Sjoe!

It all reminded me of another roller coaster ride which many of you were on: the C19 2008 canvass. I joined Trudon in August 2008 and on the 22nd we rolled out the C19 canvass. It didn’t really kick-off because prior budgeting from the 1st April start was print canvass based, with monthly targets. Switching to billing targets overnight was relatively easy for me, because it’s familiar, yet for some managers the change was more painful, with the inevitable bugs, glitches and teething problems that needed to be resolved. The plain fact is that monthly targeting cannot work in an online environment and, in any case, meeting monthly targets didn’t necessarily equal meeting annual targets, it all depended on how many months you had left in the year. This roller coaster system of budgeting is only for the very brave. And if you look at my ride partners at Gold Reef City it will come as no surprise that Cape Town was the best performing region in the 2008 C19 canvass (118%), followed by Central (110%), and in third place Durban (104%). Well done Cape Town for a brilliant canvass!

But it’s April again, the start of the 2009 C19 canvass, and this is why it’s going to be the best one ever:

The 87% target achievement in 2008 was due to inconsistent measuring in the first six months. This year our targets are very clear, and we have reports to track them. Site traffic has increased by 71%, which means more leads for our clients. With the 2010 infrastructure development, South Africa will finally have the fast, unlimited broadband already standard in Europe and America. No waiting for YouTube videos to buffer. Download movies in half the time. Watch TV online. Stream radio from anywhere in the world. Have less jerky webcam conversations when Skyping friends and family abroad. Cool, or what?

More importantly, our clients, mainly SMEs, will abandon dial-up for uncapped wireless networks, each adding an average 20 people online. Starting to click? Internet access mushrooms. More and more clients NEED online exposure. Our site traffic grows exponentially.

You see, we’re getting smarter. There’s a mountain of opportunity in this year’s C19 canvass. It’s up to us to make it real, to be open to the possibilities around us, to brave this new frontier and conquer it.

Excited? I am. Hop on and hold tight. Bambelela!

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