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Monday, March 5, 2012

Trudon Intranet Blog 22Sep2008

Sales Bzzt! What is it? It’s the brand spanking new sales blog.
Monday, September 22nd, 2008
By Sue Grant
Bzzt! Does it mean the buzz on the sales floor?….oh yes! Could it mean the same is Psst? Yes absolutely! We will reveal the inner secrets (we have a few and I hear they all come out at the end of a canvass).
Or could it mean an electric shock wherever it is needed? Hey if the shoe fits wear it we say. Don’t you agree? And of course it will also mean sales business – sales reporting straight from the horses mouths on what’s happening on the CO1 canvass and elsewhere on our sales globe. And there will be no whips involved, we promise.
Future Sales Bzzt!’s will be about you and your sales world. And we want to hear everything! We want to hear all your funny stories and the poignant ones too. Especially from those selling in Country….we know that’s where the best stories come from.
We want to share the laughter and the tears. We will be there for each other to celebrate and also through difficult times and this week our thoughts and prayer’s have been with Marlon.
One of our challenges in sales this last week was that we have had no figures for IYP and TYP sales for over 21 days. Strategic Sales were running commissions and the systems were slow. Sound familiar TDSers? IT were checking electronic figures against billing. Finance was reconciling reporting to billed figures. Strategic Sales was checking their reports against both so all hands were on deck to solve the problem. Reports are being tested and the system should now be okay.
In sales business the big news is the online team and their recent success. The entire team are on target for September and cracked their targets for last week by an average of 119%! A great effort and we look forward to many, many more weeks like that.

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