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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Idiot Proof Diet Days 4 - 9

Breakfast 15 April 2013
Sorry but have been jumping off mountains and getting new clients for SocialWize and have not updated you on progress.

Days 5,6 &7 were in Bulwer on a weekend break and the diet went surprisingly well.

We drove to Bulwer on Friday and I had a stash of cheddar cheese, almonds and salami bites - no carbs of course.

We stopped at Nandos Bergview and I was so impressed. I ordered plain grilled chicken and my friend Tlapeng ordered a salt free meal. We were both accommodated and our meals were delicious. I have had difficulty getting a diet friendly meal at a lot of upmarket restaurants so this was indeed a surprise.

We had to drive through thick mist and only got to Wildsky, our destination after 01:30 and were welcomed by James with cups of tea and warm and inviting cottages. Surprisingly good for the R150 per night we were each paying.

We woke up in the morning to clear blue skies and surrounded by hills and mountains. Breakfast was bacon and eggs and mugs of steaming coffee. I had Rooibos and mint tea. Later I had a decaffeinated coffee with lashings of cream.

Then up the mountain with a stash of boiled eggs, cheese cut into squares, salami bites and almonds.
five hours later all five of us had our 15-20 minutes in the sky which was mindbogglingly awesome. I sadly got a little airsick. Not sure is this was caused by the high fat diet or whether I just am prone to it. So shall have to try again armed with airsick pills.

Dinner was porterhouse steak in a creamed pepper sauce and a large salad. My steak was fried in butter and everyone else had theirs braaied. The rest of the group also had puttu pap and their creamed sauce included some white wine. I am told it was very nice. We were meant to have rib-eye steaks but sadly the butcher, Freer's in Modderfontein, cocked up our order. We also did not have enough bacon for the next day. Tricky when you are up a mountain.

We turned three skinny sausages into six sausages for breakfast and I had a stash of cheese that I donated to the table. The favourite was Kwaito from  Indezi Cheeses in Balgowan.

In the morning we took the R103 Midland Meander and finally arrived at Rawdons where I had a delicious trout salad. It didn't quite have enough protein or fat though so chucked a few of my almonds onto it.

This diet has to be the friendliest to go away on holiday with and the easiest to road-trip on.

Monday morning I had a poached egg on creamed spinach with 5 rashers of bacon.  And the rest of the week has really nbeen a repeat of last week's recipes with a few extra veg allowed this week. For example yesterday I had pumpkin mash with a creamy chicken and mushroom.

This morning however, I tried a Whey protein shake with vanilla seed, sucralose (an "ose" allowed on the diet) and some organic roasted cashews. It made with unsweetened soy milk and double cream. Delicious. Tasted like forbidden fruit so I will only have it when really pushed for time which I was.

My weight is still down. Not as much as Monday, I sneaked a peek again this morning and shouldn't have, but all going in the right direction. I could murder a glass of wine but have to wait until Sunday for that.

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