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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Idiot Proof Diet - Day 1

Strictly speaking, yesterday, my non-diet day is day one. The day I resolved to get on and do this thing. The book advises that the day before you start on the regime you have a blow out day. The suggestions were big slices of cake, hot chocolate before bed, piles of chips and slices of bread.  A last supper, if you like. And so with absolute freedom I went about shopping both for the coming week and for a Sunday dinner of anything I wanted.

Blow Out Wine
Strangely I became a little unstuck at that. The wine choice was easy and chose my favourite Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection Chenin Blanc (2011). But when it came to food choices there really wasn't that much I was lusting after. But in the end settled for Sweet Ginger Pork with Jasmine Rice Pot from Woolworths and a delicious baked cheesecake from Fournos.

I also had to buy a whole array of supplements including whey protein powder which cost R3 shy of R1000.

Day 1 Breakfast
Breakfast this morning was four rashers of bacon and two eggs fried in lashings of olive oil. I could have used butter too but was too lazy. Then the ritual of taking all the supplements for today and my normal  cocktail and washing it all down with at least 500ml of water.

For lunch I have a choice of pepper steak or salad Nicoise. Haven't decided yet.

I went for my wellness test a couple of weeks ago so at least we have something to measure against:
Blood Pressure 125/72
Cholesterol  5.63
Glucose 5.86
The diet is high protein (eggs again for lunch probably) and I will have to measure these all again in a month. Will be interesting to see whether there is a change. The authors decreased their cholesterol on the diet.

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