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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Idiot Proof Diet - Day 14

So here I am. Reached my first important milestone and quickly picked up the book to read up on how much wine and what scrummy things I could add to my diet at the end of Phase 1.

And found out I have been had.  These girls each lost 5 stone over a year. I should have worked it out already I guess. I am credited with a fair amount of brain power. That weight loss is about 30 kilos each. My weight loss has not been dramatic. Very sensible amount actually and I prefer that. It gives my skin some time to heal and adjust and hopefully I won't be saggy at the end of it.

The book tells me on Day 14 I should stay on Phase 1 for perhaps as long as six months. Which means one glass of wine every two weeks as a sort of celebration. Also I am told that even after going onto Phase 2 I am going to have to return to Phase 1 every so often throughout my lifetime to keep the weight off. Not quite the walk in the park I thought it was going to be. But let's face it. It took me a while to get here (at this weight) I am not going to lose it all overnight.

I am determined however and I am going to do my level best to make this work. Giving it my best shot.

For lunch today I am taking a good book to any restaurant that cooks with real butter and cream and has a great blue cheese dressing on a side salad. And serves a fabulous wine by the glass. And I am going to sip that wine very, very slowly.

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